Bring big ideas to life with touch screen specifical functions.

The powerful is in the details

New-generation Android Interactive Displays featuring the most precise writing experience with advanced collaboration and connectivity features.

Hearing aids


Support dual system

Multi-touch software

4K shock screen


Connect student devices for active learning

Students can easily share screens via app to the display. Teachers lead learning with touchback to Windows and Mac computers.

Remote Collaboration

Integrated design streamlines a teleconference. Wireless screen-share, along with smooth touch annotation, empowers real-time collaboration even from a far wireless Screen-share synchronization.

Hearing the auxiliary

It is helpful for people with impaired hearing. When the hearing aid is turned on, you can directly listen to the sound of the touch screen, which is completely separated from screen sound, and is not controlled by the volume of screen, so that people with hearing disabilities can receive the innocent sound of screen without interference.

Fingerprint recognition

Android interface unlock function, quickly lock the interface, keep the explanation content, prevent misuse, and replace the child-lock function.

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